Another year gone... January 05th 2015

When looking back on 2014 we can't help but think about all the great times of the past year. So much went on; it feels like July was a lifetime ago! In the food tours world, there are always new restaurants popping up and opportunities for new experiences. Because of this, we sit down each year to brainstorm new stops, tour ideas, and anything else cool to try in the New Year. Stay tuned for these in the near future!

In the meantime, we're excited to say that many of our tours held throughout 2014 will be returning in 2015! A few in particular will be happening over the next two weekends. Learn about each:

Downtown Minneapolis Skyway Food Tour (Every Saturday through the end of March)

Ethnic Market Tour (Happening on January 10, February 28 and March 10)

Chocolate and Wine Decadence Tour (Happening on February 21, March 14, April 11)

Why we drink Champagne on New Year's December 29th 2014

Another year is coming to an end, and as always, champagne is flying off the shelves. Have you ever wondered why it is tradition to drink the bubbly on New Year's? We have, and decided to do the research.

According to Bloomberg, the reason we celebrate with champagne dates back to over 1,500 years ago, starting with the Kings of France. Upon being crowned, the Kings would linger in the "Champagne region" to enjoy local wines. They did this for centuries, and the celebratory wines became known as the "wines of Champagne". As the "wines of Champagne" became increasingly popular, many area wineries began exporting, which occasionally lead to excess barrels sitting unopened until spring. As the weather warmed, carbonation was created, forming a sparkling wine.

In the 17th century, monk Dom Perignon figured out how to stopper carbonated bottles with corks, while securing them with a string, which improved his vineyard's offering in the process. With a complicated bottling process, many exploding bottles, and a great deal of wasted wine, champagne became known as an expensive drink and status symbol to the courts in France and Europe.

In the nineteenth century, champagne became vastly produced and converted into a world-wide drinking phenomenon used to celebrate joyous occasions. Naturally, as the marketing opportunity emerged, the twist of correlating it with New Year's Eve celebrations was created.

Interesting, ey?

7 Steps to Hosting a Night to Remember on NYE December 22nd 2014

December in the U.S. is an interesting month because it is filled with so many different holidays and most of us celebrate these holidays throughout the entire month. Just as things wind down, the New Year is here and the last few days of December are spent preparing for New Year's Eve (NYE).

There is always something to do on NYE, whether it's in downtown, at a friends or perhaps your place. If you're the one hosting this year, or helping someone out, we put together the seven steps you need to take to make your gathering a night to remember.

  1. Pick a theme. Depending on what you like, a couple ideas include: Sparkle, Silver and Gold, Formal, Cocktail, etc.
  2. Send out invites. This can be as easy as a Facebook invite or phone call to those you want there.
  3. Create your menu or assign guests a food item to bring. It can be tricky to match the food with your theme so pick something everyone will like. Pizza or a crock pot meal will likely be your easiest choice.
  4. Make a liquor store run. Don't forget the champagne for the New Years' toast.
  5. Decorate with a few items that match the theme. Even if you're hosting a more eloquent bash, a few touches of flare go a long way. The items we suggest are a couple of center pieces, balloons, and something to place in the entryway so it's the first thing your guest sees.
  6. Have a game to play. Cards Against Humanity is a popular favorite. 0
  7. Make sure there is a count down. The most important part of the night is the count down to the New Year. If you don't do anything else, HAVE A COUNT DOWN.

We can't make any promises, but if you follow these seven steps when planning your party it should be a success.