Our Minneapolis Skyway Tour is in full swing! November 26th 2015

Join us on Saturdays and discover the Minneapolis skyway hidden gems! We will take you on a food adventure includes enjoying mouth-watering pizza, fine chocolates, ham and pear crisp sandwich, local brews, Chicago® Mix. Private tours include a few extra VIP options. For more information click here: http://goo.gl/MfnX9W


Here are a couple of fun facts about the skyways in Minnesota!

The first skyway appeared in 1962 when Leslie Park and his partner, architectEdward Baker built a bridge, now gone, from their new Northstar Center to a building across Marquette Ave.  

The skyway consists of over 70 bridges and 8 miles of corridors linking about 80 blocks.  

Minneapolis Skyways are privately owned while St. Paul's are publicly owned.  

We see visitors from all over the world who take this tour due to the fact skyways are something they have never seen and Minneapolis is known all over the world for them.

We have been filmed for travel TV stations in Japan.

On average 50,000 people travel through the IDS Skyways daily.

Who loves candy and Chicago Mix? September 18th 2015


We met with Brandon and he told us the unique story of Candyland and a little bit about himself. Brandon is instrumental to the business and has worked for the stores for 16 years. The owners, Doug and Brenda are Brandon's parents. What makes this business unique is all four of their kids work for the store including relatives!

Brandon was very eager to work at such a young age or maybe it had something to do with being around delicious treats? He used to fill out fake job applications and give them to his parents when he was only 10-years-old. He was so anxious to work at the store. His wish did come true and currently he is the owner of the Stillwater store, which has been opened for about 3 years. He works occasional shifts at the other locations. A few of his hobbies are snowboarding, bicycling and spending time with his family. He definitely is a proud family man!

Candyland has some interesting history that goes all the way back to 1932, when it was established. The original name was Flavo Korn and first store was on Wabasha Street, St Paul. In 1938 Arnie Kelsy was the owner, originally from a farm on Iowa growing popcorn. Arvin was the second owner for a short period. The two men ended up going to war and their wives ran the shop while they were gone. When they came back Arvin had a change of heart, Arnie had bought the store for $1.

1950 came along and Arnie added an extensive line of candies along with changing the business name to Candyland. During this time there were many theaters within St. Paul, and there was a big opportunity with popcorn and candy.IMG_2997

In 1981 Arnie sold the business to Brandon's parents, who were 21 and 19-years-old at the time. In 1983 they expanded to Minneapolis. 1988 was a legendary year, Brenda and Doug created the Chicago Mix® and in 1992 it officially became trademarked. The mix has been a favorite not only in the midwest, but throughout the United States. The recipe has never changed and remains the same to this day. In 1990 a Mall of America store opened, which was open for 13 years of business. It eventually closed due to new ownership at the mall.

They've been serving customers for 83 years in a "mom and pop" atmosphere. When you visit Candyland you travel back in time, to a place where life was simple and sweet.

Brandon's favorite candies:

  • This That Bar

    covered in chocolate with peanut butter, white chocolate, peanuts and caramel

  • Victorian Brittle hand-made toffee brittle made with fresh almonds, covered with chocolate and topped with almonds.
  • Chippos chocolate dipped potato chips
  • Chicago Mix® the combination of traditional seasoned popcorn mixed with caramel and cheddar
  • Flavocrunch a sweet butter-toffee glaze mixed with almonds cashews and pecans, stirred with large kernels of popcorn otherwise known as a "man's popcorn"

 Some of Candyland's best sellers are Chippos, Pecan Snappers and Chicago Mix®. Be sure to visit one of their 4 locations at Stillwater, downtown St. Paul, downtown Minneapolis off 8th St, or downtown Minneapolis off 7th St. Be sure to visit their website for additional information!IMG_3001

April Showers Bring May Flowers April 07th 2015

We're a few days into April and we've already seen a bit of rain in Minnesota. This goes right along with the saying, "April Showers Bring May Flowers". It makes us wonder if you're like us and are going to plant flowers this spring. Since we're beginners we looked up the easiest plants to grow this spring. According to Thompson-Morgan.com the top 10 easy to grow flower plants and seeds include:


Sweet Peas

Nigella (Love in A Mist)


Eschscholzia (Calfornian Poppy)



Hardy Geranium (Cranesbill)



Which ones are you going to plant?