Taste Twin Cities Food & Drink Tours

Taste Twin Cities was created to share our passion for food, drink and the Twin Cities themselves. The Twin Cities area is home to many different hidden gems and we make it our mission to seek them out and share them with you.

We are always updating and varying our tours with new local finds. Our Downtown Minneapolis Skyway Tours explore the many climate-controlled food options of our weather-conscious downtown. On the Heart of Minneapolis Tour we walk through the impressive skyscrapers of Minneapolis. Participants of our Minneapolis Riverwalk Tour venture out through the Mill District and Northeast Minneapolis. The Country Side and River Road Winery Tours provide information about local Minnesota wines and, of course, wine tastings. Each tour highlights the delicious food and drink our beautiful cities have to offer, while providing insights into the culture, history, and architecture of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and a few nearby areas.

Many of our tour guides are native Minnesotans who grew up in the Twin Cities area, and all of them love the area and are passionate about its stories and amenities. Ask them for advice on places to see, eat, and stay. They are trained in providing both information and service and want to make sure you have a great experience!

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Bon appetite!

Meet our Tour Guides



Andrea is originally from Duluth, Minnesota and has called Twin Cities her home for a very long time. She loves to be outside and take advantage of Minnesota's changing seasonal activities.  She also loves to cook for her family and friends and even spends her time teaching others to love it as well.  According to Andrea, if it's food related, count her in.  She's got too many Minnesota local favorites to name, so be sure to ask for her advice on dining and entertainment in the area.  Andrea's favorite part about leading tours is the chance to interact with people from all over the country and share in their passion for food and cultural history, and she makes it a point to attend many tours herself around the world on her travels.  

Kevin N photo


Lisa Wagner


Lisa is a native of St. Paul who loves to travel, read and cook.  She works in graphic design and video production and has managed to combine her passions in the creation of cook books.  Her latest is Cool World Cooking:Fun and Tasty Recipes for Kids.  She loves Minnesota for its farmers' markets, meat raffles, local restaurants, and bars.  Her only complaint about the Land of Lakes is its winter, but even that is made easier by close friends and family.  She loves leading tours because they get her out from behind her computer and into a community of food, drink, and new friends